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CMW 2013

Bands to See

Because I Said So

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Wed Mar 20th

10:00pm: The Stogies @ El Mocambo (downstairs)

11:00pm: Jim Cuddy @ Horseshoe

11:00pm: Hunter Valentine @ Great Hall

12:00am: The Stanfields @ El Mocambo (downstairs)

1:00am:  Partycat @ Hard Luck Bar
Thurs Mar 21st

8:00pm: Robyn Dell’Unto @ Annex Wreck Room

9:00pm: Ben Somer @ Paintbox Bistro

9:00pm: Sidney York @ Annex Wreck Room

9:00pm: @ Dakota Tavern

9:20pm: The Strumbellas @ Horseshoe

10:00pm: The Balconies @ Lee’s Palace

10:40pm: Danielle Duval @ Paintbox Bistro

11:30pm: Papermaps @ Shanghai Cowgirl

12:00am: Tupper Ware Remix Party @ Annex Live

12:00am: Wildlife @ Great Hall

1:00am: Krystle Dos Santos @ Clinton’s Tavern

2:00am: The Brains @ Sneaky Dee’s
Fri Mar 22nd

8:00pm: Mandippal @ Free Times Cafe

9:00pm: Kink Ador @ Cherry Cola’s

9:00pm: Your Favorite Enemies @ Neutral

11:30pm: Imaginary Cities @ Lee’s Palace

12:10am: Limblifter @ Horseshoe

12:30am: The Besnard Lakes @ Lee’s Palace

1:00am: Static in the Stars @ Cherry Cola’s

1:30am: Gloryhound @ Horseshoe

2:00am: Dearly Beloved @ Bovine

3:00am: You vs. Me @ Hideout
Sat Mar 23rd

9:00pm: @ The Hoxton

9:00pm: Morgan Cameron Ross @ Supermarket

10:30pm: Austra @ Danforth Music Hall

11:00pm: Organ Thieves @ Bovine

11:00pm: Fade Chromatic @ Czehoski

11:00pm: Papermaps @ Rancho Relaxo

11:10pm: Cookie Duster @ Horseshoe

12:30am: Cousins @ Parts & Labour

1:00am: The Schomberg Fair @ Dakota Tavern

1:00am: Diemonds @ Hideout

1:00am: The Archives @ Sneaky Dee’s
Don’t know that venue? Check the listings here.


NXNE 2012

Bands to See

Because I Said So


  Wednesday June 13th

8pm: Mandippal @ Supermarket
8pm: Gavin Slate @ Cameron House
12am: PartyCat @ Bovine


Thursday June 14th

9pm: Bugs in the Dark @ The Boat
10pm: Hands & Teeth @ Silver Dollar
11pm: Little City @ The Piston
11pm: Cousins @ Velvet Underground
12am: The Black Belles @ Garrison
2am: Tupper Ware Remix Party @ Hideout


Friday, June 15th

8pm: Dearly Beloved @ Mod Club
9pm: Die Mannequin @ Mod Club
10pm: The Coppertone @ Horseshoe Tavern
11pm: Dearly Beloved @ Velvet Underground
11pm: Mad Ones @ Hideout
1am: Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party @ Cadillac Lounge


Saturday June 16th

12 noon: The Burning Boyz @ Yonge Dundas Square
11pm: Non Stop Girls @ Rochester
12am: Holly McNarland @ Rivoli
12am: The North @ Hideout
1am: Neon Windbreaker @ El Mo (Main Floor)
1am: Flash Lightnin’ @ Bovine


Find all venue information here.

HPX 2011: Day 2

Halifax Pop Explosion

Sleep-Deprived Musings of a Stage Manager

Day 2:  Thee Oh Sees. Oh my god. Every festival has a couple of shows that everyone talks about for months to come and this will be one of them. I was forewarned that it would be an awesome and crazy show, but I was still blown away. I think Reflections Cabaret, normally a gay dance club, was a little surprised to have moshing and crowdsurfers in their midst. At the very least, there were probably more broken beer bottles on the ground than they’re used to. Thee Oh Sees (aka The OCs and The Oh Sees) is a tightly wound, surf-rockabilly jam band with two drummers playing simultaneously. They’re loud, they’re fun and they’re incredibly inter-meshed; playing together like one solid unit. If you ever get the chance to see them, do it.
The night ended so well, it almost made me forget how badly it almost started. Fifteen minutes before the show was to begin, there was no one in the bar and no sign of our first band, Sheer Agony. Mild panic set in until we found out that security wasn’t admitting them due the lead singer’s expired and broken I.D. Luckily, they were let in, along with a respectable crowd and the show went on. Sheer agony it was not, they sounded more like a faux-English, Fratellis-esque pop rock band. Bloodhouse was a little less well received, mixing lo-fi echoey vocals with punk rhythms. They were good, just impossible to understand. Clearly fans of the “good old days” of recording, they had their newest album for sale on cassette tape.
The second last band, Cousins, can easily be compared to the White Stripes; a two-piece with female drummer. Though, this is only one of their varying lineups. These guys created an impressively large and cohesive sound with just guitar and a few drums. Clearly a popular local band, they packed the club and got the crowd moving and warmed up for the headliners.
I don’t know if the rest of this week’s shows will be able to top tonight’s events. Even if the torrential rains let up for a bit. I guess we’ll see.