Show Review: fun. @ The Kool Haus

Joy. Pleasure. Merriment. Fun.

In “The Ront”

April 25th 2012

Let me tell you right now, I’m not gonna be that dick who peppers their review with a whole bunch of “clever” fun. puns and play on words. If that’s your sort of entertainment, I suggest a different publication. More specifically, a thesaurus. That being said, “fun” is unfortunately the best description of what this band is about, in the studio and especially on stage.
Even though the venue of fun.’s Toronto show changed twice (once without any notice), seemingly every member of the sold-out (and somewhat Gleeky) crowd made it to the Kool Haus. A welcome change, as both the Mod Club and Guvernment would be unsuitable for such a suddenly-popular group.
Without much warning, the band explodes on stage to the sound of trumpets (real trumpets!) for the regal march ‘One Foot’. Though it didn’t strike me as such on the album, this song is one of the hands down best opening pieces I’ve witnessed in my concert-going history. And the excitement didn’t peak there, every ounce of energy thrown out by Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, Jack Antonoff, Emily Moore, Nate Harold and Will Noon throughout the night was matched by the crowd; who sang their hearts out to every song.
Nate laments being called “just a boy inside a voice”, but it’s at least true of his onstage persona. Slight and youthful, his powerhouse voice is a shock. He sings like it’s the last thing he’ll ever get to do; physically and theatrically embodying his grand musical arrangements. Never wavering or strained, he holds notes while jumping up and down like a temper-tantrumming toddler. And the rest of the band? They ensure that every song translates to a live setting, with their complex harmonies and instrumentation; even including a piano in addition to the keys and synths (a real piano!)
Perhaps to buck convention, the single ‘We Are Young’ showed up second to last in the set. No doubt, putting more than a few people into an “it’s over already?!” panic. Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t the most celebrated song of the night, leading me to believe there were more than a few actual fans in the crowd (what a concept). ‘Why Am I the One’, ‘All the Pretty Girls’ and ‘At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used to Be)’ all garnered massive praise and crowd accompaniment. The set ends with a cover of the Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, Nate showing off his sounds like Jagger (hey, at least it’s not fun. wordplay…)
Though the set only lasted an hour, the two piece encore which started with ‘Some Nights’ and ended with the 7-minute epic ‘Take Your Time (Coming Home)’ added almost another half hour. Though I wish the show was longer and that they were coming back soon, I’m pretty sure the enthusiasm fun. radiated all evening will keep everyone, myself included, smiling until next time.


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