HPX 2011: Day 4

Halifax Pop Explosion

Sleep-Deprived Musings of a Stage Manager

Day 4: Today was a bit of a history-maker as it was the first time in almost 5 years of music festival involvement that I actually attended a Conference panel. Not that I’ve ever had anything against them, but day jobs and sleep usually get in the way. Considering I had nothing else to do (except maybe hit up the casino), I went all out, learning about festivals, touring, music videos and grant writing.
Tonight’s set at Reflections Cabaret is all skate punk. Know what’s awesome about that, despite the high-school nostalgia it brings? Their sets never go over time. Especially when they’re all 30+ and tired from raising kids and touring. And we were probably treated to more songs in those four sets than all the other nights of HPX at our venue combined.
The Weekend Dads, Tongan Death Grip, Kepi Ghoulie Electric and Chixdiggit made up our funnest (and hardest to pronounce) set list yet. While the night consisted of four bands, Kepi is actually a member of Chixdiggit. Due to band-stuck-at-the-border-problems, he had his main band perform in his side act. So in theory, the delighted crowd got almost a two hour long Chixdiggit set to which they sang, danced, moshed and crowd surfed along to. I got a strange sense of satisfaction from backstage, watching the kids going nuts to sweaty guys with deep, punk guitar lunge-stances. In some ways I thought these shows didn’t exist anymore, turns out I had just stopped paying attention.


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