HPX 2011: Day 3

Halifax Pop Explosion

Sleep-Deprived Musings of a Stage Manager

Day 3: Know what’s cool? Getting free admission to the Maritime Museum because it’s half hour to close. Ok, maybe that’s kinda nerdy. But you know what’s uncool? Not getting into your own show because your I.D. isn’t good enough for the club security. Yeah, that happened. Which is why a whole lot of nothing went on at 8pm at Reflections Cabaret last night instead of the girl-grunge band, Hand Cream. Granted, a bastardized version of the band  still got to play later on, but it set the mood to “shitty” for the first part of the evening.
Bugs in the Dark end up being the first act; their back and forth, girl-guy sex-rock turning the mood around. Lead lady Karen knows exactly what to do to get everyone in the crowd to fall in love with her, moaning and screaming from behind her curtain of dark hair. The act is just a tease; the fire between her and her husband- the equally enticing guitarist/vocalist Zach, is palpable. The Cold Warps follow them with a quick Ramones-eque punk set.
JEFF the Brotherhood, whom I mistook for the guys from Fubar earlier in the evening, were an unexpected hit. Having seen a bit of their soundcheck, I was a little underwhelmed and surprised that these guys were the headliners. However, I appreciate what Jack White does and if he thinks these guys are good enough to work with, they must have something. And they do. Those guys know how to work a room. Guitarist Jake spent much of the hour set in the midst of the mosh pit or floating above it on his back, still playing…even when the crowd dumped him back onstage, almost right onto the drum set. Even though their sets normally clock in around 35 minutes, they played a full hour of metal/punk/garage rock for the pumped up crowd. Not bad for their first appearance on the east coast, which they promise to revisit as soon as possible.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words! It was a weird start to the night.

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