Polaris 2011

Get To Know Your Short List

Austra- Feel It Break

If we’re only as good as the company we keep, then Austra was a guaranteed Polaris nominee from the start. Having already worked alongside Polaris alums Owen Pallett and Fucked Up, Katie Stelmanis- aka Austra, enters the 2011 short list on her own with Feel It Break.

A Toronto native, Katie joined the Canadian Children’s Opera at the age of 10.  She pursued an opera career until she saw her first punk show and decided to join a band.  After her stint in the riot-grrl group, Galaxy, Katie founded Austra (a Latvian goddess of light) with former bandmate Maya Postepski and ex-Spiral Beach bassist Dorian Wolf. On May 11 2011, they released their “electro-goth” debut, Feel It Break.

This album is as dark as it is ambient, drawing many comparisons to The Knife.  Katie’s voice is entrancing, with the intensity and vibrato of Florence + the Machine and the ghostliness of Portishead. Layers upon layers of percussion and chiming synths create the perfect reverb-soaked background.

Austra’s greatest competition this year is likely Braids, both of them bringing a different flavour of wailing-trance to the table. Who do you prefer? Take a listen.


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