Show Review: Kittie @ The Opera House

The Claws Come Out

Kittie at the Opera House

March 3rd 2010

It’s been three long years since Kittie has played in Toronto.  Tonight they pick The Opera House in their hometown (or close enough to their hometown of London) to kick off their North American tour.  Eleven years after making it big with Spit, the girls have lost the black lipstick and several band mates.  Morgan and Mercedes Lander, guitarist/vocals and drummer respectively, are the only remaining original members.  They’ve kept with their female formula and hired on two more rocker chicks- Tara McLeod on guitar and Ivy Vujic on bass.
Image-wise, Kittie is situated somewhere between fat mall goths and the girls who act as metal-head spank material (i.e. fake boobs, lots of tight leather and/or cropped Iron Maiden t-shirts).  There’s no doubt these ladies can play.  They hurtle through songs, not even stopping for a sip of water.  They’ve clearly proven their worth in the metal community.  A testament to this is the 250lb guys ramming into each other in the pit like mating elk.  While a lot of heavier bands these days have a screamer and a singer, lead lady Morgan is both.  Effortlessly, she switches back and forth between guttural growls and sweet girly singing in the same breath.  The contrast of her ultra feminine voice against the metal noise is angry-girl perfection.
Their fifth and newest album, In the Black, makes up the most part of the set list.  This includes their new single ‘Sorrow I Know’, which has two new music videos, “One with sex and death and one with just…us” Morgan explains.  A good number of songs from their other albums make their way onto the set, except for Spit, which is ignored completely.  This isn’t surprising; they’re probably trying to distance themselves from their PMS-y schoolgirl image.  However, those songs were the catalyst to their career.  And I know I’m not the only one in the room who would die to hear ‘Brackish’.
Forgive and Forget’ from In the Black finishes off their hour-long set.  Naturally, excited fans hang around and wait for the encore…which doesn’t come.  The girls are visible side-stage, but it looks more like they’re socializing than preparing to come back out.  There’s an awkward few minutes where even the sound guy seems hesitant to put up the house music.  But then the lights come up and security ushers everyone out.  This and Spit’s omission ends the show on a bit of a disappointing note.  It is however, the first night of the tour and these girls are still sharpening their claws.  The rest of their shows will undoubtedly be purrrfect (sorry).

(Original publication: Bring Back the Boom Box Magazine- Mar 26 2010)


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